About LTT

LTT stands for Logistics Today and Tomorrow, a Dutch company founded in 2002. Enabling stock control in your stores so you can be the director of your supply chain is the name of our game and together we can excel in doing it! 

The experience of our founders started in 1992 working closely together with Dutch food retailers. We have specialized in the development of tools for stock control in retail.

LTT is characterized by experience, focus, and pragmatism by which a practical approach becomes possible for the complex matter of stock control. LTT has put all its effort and expertise into developing the stock control system in an application that truly adds value to our customers.

Our history and passion are in food retail stores. Looking further than just the surface of retail operations we have conducted thorough research on forecasting algorithms, as well as on the quality of data, promotions, and the influence of events, such as holidays, seasons, and the weather.

LTT has been very successful in the Netherlands and has now arrived at the next phase of their ambition: enabling European retailers to benefit from our application.

If you are interested in what LTT can mean for your retail operation, do contact us. Starting early 2024 LTT is arranging a series of roadshows and customer visits in the UK, Belgium, and Scandinavia. If you are interested, let us know, we would be happy to share our roadshow dates and locations.