Our best-in-class tool to manage your stock level in your supply chain.

SCS supports all store processes and provides spot on order advice, based on sales forecasting. SCS ensures reliable information, such as the stock on hand. SCS makes the daily store operations easier and effictient!

Logistics between Today and Tomorrow

SCS is a device agnostic application and with its rich functionality supports all the store processes including the critical ordering process. Using the central module of SCS, headquarters can actively support their stores in real time.

SCS optimizes your stock levels in the store and substantially improves your supply chain efficiency. SCS is an application that has grown and evolved in the last two decades by supporting the daily operations of many known retailers. 

With the use of SCS we can guarantee continuous and optimized operations on all stock related store processes.

Examples are the self-learning algorithms and the functionality that SCS makes decisions which supports its users. During the research and development of the forecasting algorithms, LTT made sure that the algorithms are self-learning. The algorithms adjust themselves continuously to obtain the best fit per item and per store.

Due to this approach, there is no statistical knowledge required at headquarters.

SCS provides order advice for the entire assortment. Promotions, fresh produce, and fresh bread are all supported by SCS.

SCS Store benefits

  • Efficient (automated) and timely order process.
  • All stock keeping units will receive an order recommendation. The store can adjust the advice, but our experience is that the shop operator will quickly learn to trust the advice.
  • Ordering process is optimized and not reliant on staff or managers experience.
  • Proven massive productivity benefits.
  • E-commerce integrated; the online order is integrated in the recommended order, as well as the instore picking process and the checkout.
  • Increased service level because of lesser stock outs and better quality of goods. Customer questions on stock can be answered right away by using the SCS-app.
  • Insight on the deliveries and the discrepancies between quantities ordered and received.
  • After all order recommendations have been generated, it provides an optimized input for the route planning and store deliveries.

SCS HQ/DC benefits

  • Increased data quality, reduction out of stock; in store and online.
  • Insight real time in stock store across the single store and the complete store ecosystem.
  • Fewer rush orders (orders outside B/A schedule) that disrupt DC operations and takes a lot of time in terms of collection.
  • More efficient logistic process between stores and DC, orders from the store are on time as well.
  • Pre-collection becomes possible.
  • Fewer rush orders (orders outside B/A schedule) that disrupt DC operations and take a lot of time in terms of collection.
  • Order flow more evenly divided (Bull whip effect).
  • More and accurate input to Purchasing Department at HQ; losses, sales, discounted items sold.
  • More and accurate input for Marketing Department; sold, discounted, missed sales.